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This Will Save Your Dog's Life

Do you ensure your dog is on leash for his daily evening walk? Does that confirm his safety if the leash somehow slips out of your hands? We’ve all, at least once, had our dog run away from us during a walk because a moving car or that bird is too fun a distraction. The driver of a moving vehicle won’t screech to a stop if he can’t see your dog in the dark but this - an LED collar with lights - will save your dog’s life; vehicles will see your dog well in advance with this bright collar.



Dogz & Dudez LED Dog Collars come with a USB rechargeable battery, most others available in India come with batteries that need to be changed from time to time - this is just plug & play! Available in Neon and Mesh qualities, the light can be changed from steady to rapid flashing to slow flashing with just 1 click! The collar goes perfectly with their LED Leash, no matter where you go, you and your dog will be seen, guaranteed! Dogz & Dudez also has a collection of cute personalised collars, human t-shirts with funky doggy quotes & leashes and our personal favourite is their eco-friendly, biodegradable Poop Bags. Isn’t this a package of responsible pet parenting?



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