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Tips & Tricks to Trim Your Pet's Nails at Home!

Nail trimming of pets can be a cumbersome task especially when it is mostly accompanied by paranoia and lots of drama. While nail trimming is offered by many grooming services, it is a fairly simple task that can be done easily and safely at home. 

Here’s listing down some easy tips and tricks to help you overcome the angst of trimming your pet’s nails:

Choosing the Right Tool:

This is the most important point because choosing the right tool for trimming your pet’s nails will easily solve half of your problem. It is best to always use a pet nail clipper or pet nail grinder which is of an appropriate size for your pet. Ideally, pet nail grinders are the perfect tools as grinding the nails instead of clipping would prevent you from accidentally chipping the “QUICK” underneath your pet’s nails.


Positive Association Towards the Trimming Tool:

The key is to be patient when helping your pet to get used to the routine and tool for nail trimming. If you keep a calm and positive attitude during the process, chances are your pet will automatically associate this activity to be gentle and not something to be afraid of. Offering praises and treats will help further. 

Positive association

Start Slow:

Allow your pet some time to get used to the activity. Begin by allowing them to only sniff the trimming tool and offer treats for doing it. You can then keep working your way up!

Start Slow


Hold their paws FIRMLY but not TIGHTLY. The key is to hold them in a way so as to not lose the grip but gently enough ensuring you don’t hurt your pet. 

Only clip/ grind small parts of your pet’s nails. Take note of any sensitivity caused by hidden injuries.


Holding paw

Develop a routine:

It is important to have a nail trimming schedule in place to avoid unnecessarily startling your pet with nail trimmers as and when you find the time. Fix a particular time and day of the week (once in 2-3 weeks) to dedicate to nail trimming.

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