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Treat for Your Pet? Dunzo’s Your Best Bet!

Most of us in this day and age, suffer due to the lack of time to complete all our chores. Sadly, it’s the one thing that we can’t get more of, no matter how hard we try. Tasks are many, and hours are few. It does end up getting hard to cope with. Helping ease off the pressure to a large extent is the incredibly useful app called Dunzo. It’s an all-in-one  24X7 delivery platform, that fetches and delivers anything and everything within the city, guaranteeing speed. Services include delivering packages, groceries, food, medicines and the most exciting of all, pet supplies. In fact, pet supplies have a dedicated category on the app, through which one can order practically anything for their pets by following a set of very simple steps.

Although our furry friends deserve all the love and care you could give them, those untimely trips to the store when you’re out of pet food, can get a tad annoying. Well, not anymore. Thanks to Dunzo, every one of your pet’s needs arrive right to your doorstep within minutes. Pet food, chew toys, grooming supplies, you name it! What’s more, it can be ordered from any store of your choice. All with just the press of a few buttons. Raising a simple task on the app, to have pet food delivered by a Dunzo partner, moments after placing the order.  Now that’s convenience! It certainly has proven to be a boon for pet parents across several cities. The uniqueness of it, is that it’s the only app to especially acknowledge and cater to the needs of pets.

We’re thrilled to have Dunzo at Pet Fed Bengaluru 2018! We promise it will be a riot, complete with merchandise and merriment! See you at Manpho Grounds, Manyata Tech Park on 1st & 2nd December. Book your Pet Fed tickets on Dunzo & get a super awesome hamper with it! Download the Dunzo App now!

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