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‘Treat’-ing your pet right!

Treats are for dogs are what chocolate is for humans. They need it when they’ve been well behaved, or whenever the craving strikes. Obviously, while we need to monitor the intake, it is useful in training them for various things. What better way to give back the unconditional love that we receive from our four-legged friends? Treats! Of course.

Apart from keeping your perennially hungry pet full, treats also have a larger purpose. It’s an effective way to reward good behaviour and plays a pivotal part in training your pet. It has been generally seen that rewarding dogs with treats helps in reducing the time and sessions needed to learn different behaviours. Treats also work amazingly well in tandem with praise and petting for learning new behaviours.

Goodies, a brand under Sai International, disrupted the Indian market with their wide variety of dog treats, which only had biscuit products previously. A pioneer in the soft treat segment, Goodies introduced the Indian pet parents to a world beyond the boring Rawhide and Biscuits products and much to the delight of their furry babies, has been responsible in bringing an array of delicious and nutritious pet treats to the Indian market. Goodies offers a huge variety of chew sticks, mouth refresher sticks, bones etc. in a lot of different flavours! Check them out here:

Visit Just Dogs presents Pet Fed Bengaluru in association with Goodies on 1st & 2nd Dec, 2018 at Manpho Grounds, Manyata Tech Park. Get your tickets now:

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