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Try These 7 Homemade Food Brands If Your Pet Is Not into Packaged Food

There’s a lot of debate around fresh food or packaged food for our pets, but one thing is for sure, it ultimately boils down to what your pet prefers. More than decision makers ourselves, we need to be observers and really see what our pets prefer.

Both packaged & homemade food has its own advantages. However, fresh food has antioxidants and other minerals & omega fatty acids that packaged food may sometimes lack.

Here’s a list of a few homemade pet food brands that can deliver fresh meals for your pet:

1. BowChow -

Real meat and raw materials used to whip up a tasty meal for your pets! They’re preservative and chemical free.

Area of Delivery: Pan India

Check them out here: or Call 6381955232

2. Doggie Dabbas –

They have both kinds! Customised home cooked meals & freeze dried food which can become fresh on the go once it is defrosted. They also provide all natural preservative free treatos for your pets and offer a customised diet plan as well!

Area of Delivery: Freeze Dried Pan India, Customised Meal only Delhi NCR

Check them out here: or Call 9897010770

3. FurrMeals –

They use the term “human grade” for their ingredients, proving to us that they use quality ingredients for their fresh home-cooked meals that you and I would use in our own food! The meals are customised as per your doggos nutritional and weight requirements & they even provide subscription plans on their meals!

Area of Delivery: Delhi NCR

Check them out here: or Call 9717364906

4. Fresh For Paws –

It is homemade, grain free and ready to eat pet food, proportioned as per your pet’s calorie intake.

Area of Delivery: Delhi NCR

Check them out here: or Call 9717970559

5. Doggiellicious –

They offer pet parents custom made recipes for their dogs. Also, for parents who cannot prepare fresh food for their dogs, they provide the food - fresh cooked meals / ready to serve raw meals at your doorstep. They also customise meals for each dog for chronic illnesses.

Area of Delivery: Bengaluru

Check them out here: or Call 9845607021

6. Pet Tiffin services –

Their fresh meals are customised according to dog breeds as well, apart from keeping in mind consumption, appetite and nutritional value for your pet!

Area of Delivery: Mumbai

Check them out here: or Call 9833353324

7. Pet Feast –

They make customised healthy, vet approved meals for your pets keeping specific details in mind. Also, you can totally count on them for birthday & special occasion cakes, cookies and jerkies!

Area of Delivery: Pune

Check them out here: or Call 9766644687

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