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Understanding Your Pet's Metabolism

Maintaining a healthy metabolism in pets is as important as it is for humans, but there are a lot of factors that tend to slow down metabolism in pets. This poorly affects the health of your pet and can often lead to disorders like anorexia or loss of appetite, obesity, and even heart diseases among many others. 

Here we are listing some causes of slow metabolism in pets that you should know:


Dogs tend to have a higher metabolism than humans owing to their fast breathing, higher normal body temperature, and a higher rate of pumping blood. But this high metabolism is short-lived and starts slowing down after 3-4 years of age. A cat’s metabolism also starts slowing down after this age.



Lack of certain hormones like Thyroxine because of dehydration and lack of iodine also reduces the rate of metabolism in Pets. Whereas, elevated levels of the hormone Cortisol, affect the pituitary and adrenal glands which in turn lowers their metabolic rate.


Stress can occur due to various conditions like solitude, abandonment, lack of love & compassion from their Human, and the death of a fellow pet or human. Stress directly reduces metabolic rate and can lead to further problems.


Low Nutrients profile:

Lower antioxidant status, Low minerals profile especially Calcium, Phosphorous, Copper, iron, zinc, Chromium, Iodine, etc. Also, bring down the metabolism of pets.


High fats and carbohydrates in the diet, inappropriate schedules of feeding, frequently changing feed, excessive processed foods and packaged treats can severely impact your pet’s metabolism.



While the causes are many, there are also a lot of ways to naturally increase the metabolism of your pet and give them a healthier life. Some of them we have listed below:

High Fiber Diet: 

Giving your pets a fiber-rich diet and occasional veggies like baby carrots, green beans, broccoli, cucumbers, etc can work wonders for a healthy metabolic rate.

Small Frequent Meals:

Having a proper schedule with smaller portions of meals panned out frequently throughout the day will help maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

small meals

Routine Exercises:

Metabolism has everything to do with sustained aerobic activities and having a proper exercise schedule with long walks and plentiful playtime for your pets does just that.


An Effective Natural Solution:

PENTAVET, a homeopathy medicine that is 100% safe with zero side effects, serves as the perfect remedy for maintaining healthy metabolism in pets. The Pentavet formulation consists of 5 phosphates of homeopathy present in Red Blood Corpuscles which make an essential part of hemoglobin. These phosphates increase the metabolic activities in pets and are also effective in reducing deficiencies of nutrients. 


Homeopathic Solution: Pentavet

Dosage: 20 drops, thrice a day

Price: Rs. 280 only

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