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Use These Trackers to Ensure That Your Pet Never Gets Lost!

Pets may be happy being domesticated, but on an instinctive level they’re all the happiest when they can run about freely. People in villages or in small towns with bigger houses, or people in farm houses can afford to have their pets climb or run around the property, however, in the urban areas where the fear of them getting lost without a leash is high and even them being stolen – we often end up keeping them with us at all times.

Sometimes, we even are scared of entrusting dog walkers & end up reducing their walk time due to fear! This hampers their instinctive growth and has an overall effect on them. So, how do we safely combat this? There’s a solution to this. With the advent of technology and location access on our fingertips, one can totally let their pets go around the compound freely every once in a while safely.

How do we ensure their safety, you ask? With GPS enabled pet trackers! There are a lot of options in the market regarding pet trackers which will ensure the safety of your pet when they’re away from your view  or radar and you can still access their location at all times.

Here are 3 GPS enabled trackers that we recommend:

1. Location Tracker by Wagr:

This tracker can easily be attached to your dog’s collar. Once you fit it to the collar, all you need to do is download the Wagr app on your phone and connect it to the device. Wagr tracks your dog using high-precision GPS and alerts you if he or she leaves a Safe Zone that you've created.

Price: Rs. 6999/-

Where to book:

2. GPS Tracking Collar by Tracksafe:

The smart collar is worn by the pet & has a SIM card inserted that has GPRS enabled. The app/website can then be used to track the exact location of your pet and their movement right at your fingertips, thereby ensuring your pet’s safety and security.

Price: Rs. 3499/-

Where to buy: or you can buy it here!

3. Pet ID Tag by GAWVS:

Most of the lost pets wearing a tag can be found easily. But gone are the old days with just your numbers written on the Dog Tags. This is a Pet Identification tag with a unique QR code that can be scanned in case of a lost pet or an animal in need of immediate care.  It also maintains an online pet profile with the pet owner's updated contact information, preventive vaccination and medical records. No SIM, maintenance or power required, and this even sends a GPS notification to you notifying about your pet's whereabouts.

Price: Rs. 799/-

Where to buy:

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