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Volvo V90 Cross Country – a Car Perfect for You and Your Pet!

Volvo Cars, continuously innovate in order to make your life better. Every car, every technology and every design is the result of a clear vision – to put people at the heart of everything they do. It’s a vision that has driven them from the start, one informed by Sweden, a country which values people as individuals and where conventions are challenged. It’s this culture that has enlightened them with a rich design heritage and a unique way of looking at the world.

Ever since the idea of adding go-anywhere capability to the legendary versatility of our crossover station wagon came up, the Volvo Cross Country has been taking drivers further. To the places they want to reach, the things they want to do, the experiences they want to be a part of. And, all the while, keeping them safe, comfortable and in control.

Theye’ve been refining the concept for nearly two decades. Now they’ve arrived here – this is the new V90 Cross Country. The point at which all that experience meets Volvo’s new generation of elegantly versatile crossover station wagon cars. The result is a car that combines the best of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with true all-road capability. This is the car that gets you where you want to go! Combined with the load compartment divider and protective grill, this gate creates a secure compartment so your dog can travel safely in the back of the car.

Martial Volvo is the only Volvo dealership in Bengaluru.

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Contact their dealership on 080- 45451414/9606080080

You can also check them out at Pet Fed Bengaluru 2018. Get tickets here:

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