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Watch Video of Punjabi Mom Comforting Injured Doggo, Says, “Syaana Bachcha Hai Na Tu

We all know of Moms and Dads who were totally against the idea of having a pet at home, but the moment these furry animals enter our lives, they become the centre of everyone’s universe, especially our moms.

With Desi moms being popularized to pamper their own kids as much as they criticise them, if there’s one family member who gets all the love and no scolding from brown moms – would be your furry friend!

Here are 2 videos to prove that Desi moms treat their furry kids better than their human kids:

Watch this Punjabi Mom comforting her sweet injured doggo in the most “mom” way ever:



Watch this pampered Labrador being hand-fed by this brown mom:



Source: Storypick

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