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Worried about Your Dog Skipping Training? Consult a Trainer Online!

They say a well behaved dog is a widely accepted dog. Well, it does hold true doesn’t it? If you’ve had growing concerns about your pet’s behaviour and facing issues training them, don’t let it be too late. Consult a professional for their opinion now. The lockdown and social distancing should not be stopping you from getting your dog a good trainer.

Below are a few Pet Fed recommendations for one on one online consultation:

1. Shirin Merchant

Shirin Merchant is a pioneer in the field of canine behaviour and training in India. She is the only person in Asia to have gained an accreditation from the Kennel Club of England’s elite KCAI scheme for dog trainers and behaviourists in companion dog training and behavioural training. She does online webinars regarding training your dogs.

Price Range: Rs. 499 - 999 per webinar

Specialization: behaviour and training problems ranging from dominance, housetraining, chewing, aggression, destruction to boredom and compulsive behaviours

How to book:

2. K9 School

Spearheaded by Adnan Khan, a dog behaviourist & trainer, has been professionally training doggos since 2014. The focus at K9 School is on training the dog owner on how to understand their dog’s behaviour and train their pet themselves. This helps in achieving a lasting bond between the canine and its loving family.

Price Range: 1500 for 60 mins

Specialisation: Puppy foundation, raising the dog well, behaviour assessment, modification, obedience for pets or sport

How to book: By filling this form -


Anvis Inc. was established in 2010 with the sole aim of ‘Simplifying Pet Care’ for the discerning Pet Parent. They help you get to the root cause of the behaviour of your pet and recommend solutions or workarounds.

Price Range: Request on call

Specialization: Puppy problems like teething, toilet training etc. & big dog behavioural modifications like jumping, attention seeking, anxiety, socialization, unwanted barking and more.

How to book: Call on 9418451003 or write to them at

4. Humans of Canines

Humans of Canines aim at enhancing health and well-being by strengthening the bond between humans and dogs. The canine training sessions are led by Poorvaja Kumar who has been training dogs for over a decade now.

Price range: Rs. 1500-2000 per session

Classes per week: Minimum of two sessions per week

Specialization: Canine training and behaviour

How to book: DM on Instagram, write to her on her website or mail on

5. Karthik Ramasubramanian

Karthik, a dog trainer and behaviourist, is an avid animal enthusiast. He also takes online one on one consulting sessions!

Price range: Rs. 1000-1500 per session

Classes per week: Flexible as per requirement

Specialization: Behavior problems and modification, puppy behaviour and how to raise a puppy, socialization during the lockdown, bringing the right puppy home

How to book: Call or message on 7760416174

6. Ketan Panchal

Ketan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and behaviourist from Florida, USA. He has been training dogs since 2008, a little over a decade.

Price Range: Rs. 1500 per 45 mins (Evenings Only)

Specialization: Behavior and obedience training

How to book: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp on 7096507017

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