BYOD Picnic


23 Oct, 2016

Nehru Park, Niti Marg, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi



Due to the recent news of Deer Park being shut till 24th bcs of bird flu, we're changing the event to a good old picnic in Nehru Park. (Treasure Hunt will happen the next month)
Free for all. Join us for a potluck picnic* and walk in Nehru Park! Nothing says 'let's be friends' like a shared meal. Your furry will love the green views and the fresh air. Indulge in fun doggy games like hurdle race, frisbee fetch, spoon and lemon race and many more.
*Don't forget to bring a special treat for all to eat!

Take the entrance from Gate 1, opposite Australian High Commission Embassy. No entry fee. You can get your own snacks.