BYOD Pool Party


06 May, 2018

Off The Leash, Gurgaon



<span blockkey="1qbg0" class="_247o" contentstate="k { " entitymap":="" [object="" object],="" "blockmap":="" orderedmap="" {="" "1qbg0":="" a="" "key":="" "1qbg0",="" "type":="" "unstyled",="" "text":="" "#delhi,="" get="" ready="" for="" splashy="" pool="" party="" at="" off="" the="" leash'="" -="" dog="" park="" &="" cafe!="" let="" your="" doggos="" beat="" heat="" with="" kick-ass="" sunday="" swimming="" session,="" free="" grooming="" by="" flying="" fur,="" yummy="" doggy="" ice-creams="" waggy="" zone="" and="" feast="" on="" buffet="" eggs,="" rice="" potatoes!="" book="" online="" save="" rs.="" 100="" every="" ticket:="""" delpoolparty",="" "characterlist":="" list="" [="" j="" "style":="" orderedset="" {},="" "entity":="" null="" },="" "1"="" }="" ],="" "depth":="" 0,="" "data":="" map="" {}="" "selectionbefore":="" h="" "anchorkey":="" "anchoroffset":="" 170,="" "focuskey":="" "focusoffset":="" 180,="" "isbackward":="" false,="" "hasfocus":="" false="" "selectionafter":="" }"="" data-offset-key="1qbg0-2-0" decoratedtext="Flying Fur" end="180" entitykey="1" offsetkey="1qbg0-2-0" spellcheck="false" start="170" style="background-color: rgb(220, 230, 248); color: rgb(29, 33, 41); white-space: pre-wrap;">Flying Fur, yummy doggy ice-creams by Waggy Zone and feast on a doggy buffet with eggs, rice and potatoes! Book online and save Rs. 100 on every ticket.

* The doggy ice creams & grooming are available on a firs-cum-first-serve basis. Limited Availability.