Hyderabad Hangover Party


02 Jun, 2024

Zero40 Brewing



#Hyderabad- Join us at Zero40 Brewing in Hyderabad's Financial District for an exciting celebration dedicated to our beloved furry friends! Prepare for a delightful extravaganza where we'll pamper our four-legged companions with all the things they love!

Here is what we have for you:
- Exciting Games & Gifts for your Doggos
- Free dog food buffet by Benny's Bowl.
- Free Goodies for all by Floof N Co.
- Free Health Check-up by Animal Care Clinic
- Free Basic Clean-up by Animal Care Clinic
- And lots more...
Entry Fee: Rs. 699 per person,
No charge for pets*
Book tickets now and avail Rs.200 off. 
Call Us on 9811639193 for More Details or Visit www.petfed.org/events