Jaipur Pupper Party


02 Jun, 2024

The 202 Cafe & Kitchen



#Jaipur - Get ready to dive into fun with your furry friends at the Jaipur Pupper Party! Come join us at The 202 Cafe & Kitchen for an evening brimming with thrilling games and heartwarming moments for you and your cherished pups. Let's create unforgettable memories together amidst wagging tails and boundless happiness!

Here is what we have for you:
- Exciting Games & Gifts for your Doggos
- Free dog food buffet by The 202 Cafe & Kitchen
- Free Health Check-up by Dogs and Pups
- Free Basic Clean-up by Dogs and Pups
- Free Goodies for all by Casper.
- Free Personalized Petbook
- And lots more...
Entry Fee: Rs. 499 per person,
No charge for pets*
Book tickets now and avail Rs.200 off. 
Call Us on 9811639193 for More Details or Visit www.petfed.org/events