Mumbai Pre-Party to Pet Fed - Doggo Edition 2.0


14 Jan, 2023

Vikhroli Social,Vikhroli



#Mumbai- Let Pooches run the show
Join us at the second Doggo edition of the Pre-Party at this amazing place -Vikhroli Social, Vikhroli.

Also, get a complimentary dog buffet, goodies, in-house health check-up & much more with each ticket!
As promised, anyone with an Early Bird Pass to PET FED Mumbai 2022 gets FREE ENTRY! Just walk in with your Pet Fed Passports to avail this!

Please note, the number of passes for Pre-Party will be the same as the number of Early Bird Passes purchased. Additional guests can purchase tickets.

For Hoomans who don't have an Early Bird Pass -
Entry Fee: Rs. 299 per person
No charge for pets

Necessary precautions that are taken at the event:
- Limited Seating Event
- Temperature Checks at Entry
-Entire Team with Face Masks & Gloves
- Regular Sanitization

Call Us on 9811639193 for More Details or Visit