Pune Pupper Party 2.0


08 May, 2022

FC Road Social, Shivaji Nagar



#Pune - Ready for another evening of puppy love? Join us at the Pune Pupper Party 2.0 for a pawfect time at FC Road Social, Shivaji Nagar.

- Exciting Human-Doggy Duo Games like Trick Showdown, Treat or Parent, Building Biscuits & Red Light-Green Light.
- An Appetizing Food Buffet for your doggos
- And lots more...
Entry Fee: Rs. 399 per person,
No charge for pets*
Use Code OFFER50 and get Rs.50 OFF!
Necessary precautions that are taken at the event:
- Limited Seating Event
- Temperature Checks at Entry
- Entire Team with Face Masks
- Regular Sanitization
Call Us on 9811639193 for More Details or Visit www.petfed.org/events